2021 MK5K® My Way


Team Ziva

October 12 - This team logged 17.1 miles as of today, so we are past the finish line! This was truly a team effort and it is so exciting to me that we finished and raised money for the Mary Kay Ash Foundation this year.

A special atta girl goes out to Jackie Sullivan, who not only logged her share of miles, but most of mine as well.

October 4 - Double Trouble - The plan is to get up early and walk Ziva a mile before I have to get to my quilt guild meeting... 

October 3 - Day off.  (Getting rest and a nap in before tomorrow)

October 1 & 2 - Race Begins! - Ziva and I only made 1/2 of our mile, due to circumstances beyond my control. I made it up on Oct. 2nd by walking 1 hour and a half with my friend Jackie on a local grade school's track. The morning was colder than it has been, but we warmed up pretty quickly once we got started. Walking on the little 4-lane track made me think of all the 12-lane tracks I ran in High School!

Jackie and I had a lovely audience there. A dozen (maybe twenty?) geese were milling about the track and gathering together in the grassy middle. They pretended not to watch us.

** Team progress will not be reported the 21st - 28th **  Race still will begin Oct. 1st!

Team Ziva is all about the exercise and having fun. We are informal and not too organized either. Because this event is virtual, I am hoping to recruit my friends and family that are scattered across the USA to join us in spirit and help us raise funds for the research that helps women.

Gals local to Arnold, CA can register to join Team Ziva and walk with the Team at Hazel Fisher School track at 3:30pm.  Call Jodi Greenfield at (209) 795-7425 for more information.


 ** training post-poned due to jaw surgery on Tues. Sept 21st.


Training Diary:

Update - September 12, 2021 - Team Ziva did a mile this morning! At the very end of Dalmatia, my pedometer clocked us at 0.5 miles, so when we got home it read "1.0" - Yeah!  Now we have Ziva's favorite route mapped out.  I want to route out a less steep one, staying on Sultana Road.  Our street is fairly flat compared to most, but there is the occaisional up and down hills that keep things interesting.


We have reached 34% of our goal of $700, in just a few days!

Our team is participating in the 2021 MK5K® My Way virtual event in support of a great organization - Mary Kay Ash Foundation. The Mary Kay Ash Foundation supports two very important causes, cancers that affect women and violence against women.

These are important causes and we hope you will help by sponsoring our team.  You can click on the "Donate Now" button to make an online donation now. Or better yet, why don't you join our team - you can register and join our team by clicking on the "Join Team" button.

Thank you for your support!

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