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We are shooting for $50,000 this year!!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!! Online donations will be collected through November 30! Let’s pool our resources and make this happen!!!

Bee Brave Team Buzz Warrior Pledge

Earn the TEAM BUZZ Warrior jacket! Be a part of an ELITE group of Bee Brave supporters by becoming a Team Buzz Warrior !
Once you complete the Team Buzz Warrior pledge for sizing of jacket you MUST also still register for the Bee Brave 5K.

Team Buzz Warriors
Pat Ringnalda

Valorie Perry

Chris Bartnick

Alexandra DeLange

Jori Phillips

Breanna Hansett

Rebecca Ferris

Garry Ringnalda

Cheri Koning

Bee Brave 2013 Race Results:

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Bee Brave Chili Cook Off 2014:
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Bee Brave 5K 2013