Community Fundraiser Request Form

This form is NOT required to fundraise for the Mary Kay Ash Foundation. Anyone is welcome to raise money and donate the proceeds to the Foundation! 

This form is only required for those who want to host an official MKAF Community Fundraiser as outlined below.

What is a Community Fundraiser / Third-Party Event?

A community fundraiser, also known as a third-party event, is an event hosted by an individual or group from which all (or a minimum 50%) of the net proceeds benefit the Mary Kay Ash Foundation. Fundraisers should complement the mission and image of Mary Kay Ash Foundation and are a great way to engage your friends and family to support a cause that you are passionate about! 

By completing the Community Fundraiser Request Form below, you will receive the following:

  • Official event number
  • Permission to use Foundation name, trademark and/or logo
  • Foundation promotional materials/handouts
  • Additional support for large-scale events
*only official Fundraiser Events will be eligible for the annual “Top Fundraisers” recognition announced at Seminar.
Field Is Required YES! I am interested in hosting a community fundraiser benefiting the Mary Kay Ash Foundation. Please send me more information about the event type selected below. (Select one of the available choices or enter a different value.)
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If you respond and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from Mary Kay Ash Foundation.
Event Details
Depending on the scale of your event, the Foundation may require additional details.
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Use of the Foundation name, trademark and/or logo requires the Foundation’s approval and a commitment of a minimum contribution of 50% of the net event proceeds.
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